Bribery and corruption offences present a very serious risk for all businesses

These risks can lead to unlimited fines for companies, imprisonment of individuals and loss of reputation. The enforcement of bribery and corruption laws in many countries is increasingly stringent and also encompasses activities undertaken by a company through its employees or third parties acting on its behalf across various international jurisdictions.

PAC’s corporate conduct is based on acting responsibly, honestly, with integrity and the Company does not tolerate any form of bribery and corruption.

The Compliance Committee is responsible for establishing this policy within PAC, supported by an appropriate corporate culture which prohibits bribery and corruption involving either PAC employees or any third parties acting on behalf of the Company.

As part of this policy as well as Company’s Corporate Policy, our Employees are encouraged, without fear of retaliation, to raise a red flag if they observe any violation of Company policy, rule, regulation, etc. Any concerns raised are then thoroughly investigated and handled.

Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all PAC’s Employees and Vendors and same is regularly reviewed and audited to ensure its continuous suitability, effective and proportionate with regards to Company’s operations and the jurisdictions within which it operates.


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy covers all the activities of our Company and is integral part of our management system

PAC is committed to provide the highest quality services to our clients through total quality management in order to meet and exceed their expectations. An integral objective of our Company is to take a leading position in the area we perform and, therefore, PAC is committed to comply with the requirements of the current health, safety and environmental legislation, international standards, rules in industrial and occupational safety and environmental protection areas.

Regardless of the size of a company, scope of work or mode of transport, clients focus is paramount and client satisfaction is vital. Through a integrated management system, cost effective transportation solutions, and requirements of legislation in the field of health, safety and the environment, PAC ensures that the goals of the Company which include but are not limited to the following:

This QHSE Policy shall be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization as well as being reviewed periodically for its continuing suitability and effectiveness.

  • Thoroughly understanding the requirements of our Clients and provide requested Services professionally and promptly
  • Provide an efficient, trouble free and seamless transportation solutions
  • Identifying improvement opportunities through Client Feedback and addressing the same
  • Effective and safe using of tools and equipment, vehicles, materials and other consumed resources
  • Preventing injuries and ill health of employees by conducting trainings and annual medical examinations
  • Reducing negative impact for environment and preventive measures for pollution
  • Strict compliance with all requirements of local legislation and international legislation acts, including acts of environmental protection and safety


The Charter for Corporate Social Responsibility is to :

  • Identify and formulate programs to fulfil the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility vision and mission
  • Serve as a guiding document to plan, identify, implement and monitor Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Create a governance structure and team to execute functions within this initiative
  • Review goals and objectives and refine programs on annual basis

  • Minimize the environmental footprint by implementing environmentally responsible practices through all of our activities
  • Promote energy efficient infrastructure and lighting, promote recycling, greening projects around PAC facilities, and encourage ride-share work-travel options
  • Identify opportunities and improve conditions for proper health, safety, and well-being of all our employees and visitors to our offices
  • Participate in community activities including first aid training camps, blood donation camps, health food drives, clean-up drives and teaching programs
  • Strive for continuous improvement while operating in a socially responsible manner that complies with legal requirements
  • Provide ongoing training programs designed to improve our employees skills and knowledge in sustainability
  • Encourage employees to generate ideas that that will add value to our business, and to the community that we serve and live in
  • Engage with and support our employees, contractors, suppliers, business partners, and communities to share responsibility for meeting these objectives


PAC’s vision is to be an organization recognized by its employees, clients, and other stakeholders as an eco-friendly organization with appropriate programs in place to reduce impact on environment through sustainable practices and initiatives. In all PAC locations and operations, our vision for sustainability follows these guiding principles:

• We ensure

client satisfaction by adding value and honouring commitments at all times

• We build

transparent lasting relationships and stand for integrity and mutual trust

• We strive

to be an eco-friendly organization

• We foster

a learning organization that nurtures innovative thinking in growing the business in harmony with our communities